Below you can see some of our main Event Options we have available to make your event stand out from the crowd and get people talking!



Our speciality! Completely Delicious, Tasty and Fresh! Our Waffle Balls are doughy little balls of heaven! Made fresh at your event, your guests can choose their sauce and any toppings from the line up. We offer various portion sizes and various toppings for you to choose from. Your guests will definitely thank you.



If you’re looking for something a bit different then our Chocolate Kebabs are a great fit. Made Fresh in front of your guests eyes our Chocolatiers will carve from a large rotating Chocolate Kebab before loading up the pitta (crepe) with mounds of sauce, toppings and chocolate shavings. A spectacle for both your eyes and stomach.

crepes with nutella


Made using our Signature mixture, our crepes are slightly thicker, and in our opinion, much tastier. All crepes will be made Fresh at your event and your guests will be able to choose from a variety of toppings and sauces to create their own custom crepe. Yours gusts will be in food heaven whilst devouring their crepe.



Now you can be naughty and healthy at the same time! We can supply fruit pre-dipped in chocolate and topped with some tasty toppings, or we can attend your event and let your guests watch as their fruit is covered in delicious melted chocolate and topped with their choice of toppings!



Our Canapés are perfect at any point during your event. When guests are waiting to enter the venue, later on in the evening or throughout your whole event. We will work with you to create Canapés that fit your event and budget. Just bare in mind your guests will definitely take more than one of our tasty Canapés, but who can blame them 🙂



If you’re looking for a gift to give your guests our Event Favours are the perfect option. We have many to chose from and can even customise them by adding text, initials, logos or even photos. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Please note minimum orders do apply.



No matter what the occasion guests love chocolate! And what better way to enhance your event by giving all your guests a delicious chocolate lollipop for them to either eat there or to take home and enjoy later. We have many designs available so please contact us for more information.

Close up of many cups of cappuccino with latte art on dark background


Let us excite your tastebuds with our selection of delicious Hot and Cold drinks. Your guests will feel truly loved and we will make sure all needs are catered for. We have a wide selection of drinks for you to chose from, from Tasty Real Hot Chocolates and Freshly ground Coffee to a wide sections of Teas and Delicious Baller Shakes (milkshakes).

Making chocolate candies in mold


Let our Chocolatiers design extra special chocolates for your event. Wether it be a specific flavour or colour you’re going for, our chocolatiers will do everything in their power to make your chocolatey dreams come true.

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